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My name is David V. Stewart. I am a writer, musician, and educator originally from Lufkin, Texas. 

In 2013, while moving out of Las Vegas, I made a sharp turn in my creative goals and direction, choosing to focus on the writing of original fiction rather than music composition, my primary creative focus since I was a music undergraduate. Since that time I have written two screenplays and a teleplay with my screenwriting partner and best friend, Matt Wellman (find his blog here), two novels as part of a fantasy series, and numerous articles of both fiction and non-fiction on this site 

My current creative focus is displayed in the serialization of my third novel, Muramasa: Blood Drinker, links to which may be found on its page above, or by clicking here.

As a musician, I have performed professionally on the guitar and bass (along with a smattering of other instruments) for more than a decade in a variety of styles, playing concerts throughout California and Nevada. During this time my primary focus has been solo guitar, specializing in flamenco, original music, and traditional classical guitar repertoire from the 17th to the 20th century.

I have also taught the guitar, clarinet, and bass since 2003 as both a private and a classroom instructor, including several years teaching at the college level. Much of my instructional content can be found for free on my youtube channel by clicking here. As a teacher, I eschew the slick but misleading gimmicks propagated by courses and content sites marketed toward beginners. Instead, I advocate a balanced and traditional approach that makes use of reading, music theory, solid technique, and practice of worthy music. Great skill takes great practice, and I do my best to not mislead my viewers and students with unrealistic expectations or sell them short on a music education that does not give them the tools to be a great composer, performer, or be able to navigate the business of music in a fruitful and fulfilling manner.

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