Creative Non-Fiction

A great deal of the content on this site doesn't fit neatly into fiction or non-fiction categories. This list comprises primarily my personal stories, allegories, and emotionally strong statements. Updates to this page will be ongoing.

Nostalgia Chronicles

These are a series of pieces dealing with my experiences of nostalgia, or strong memories associate with particular things, ideas, or IPs.

Part 1: Berserk
Part 2: Super Mex
Part 3: Moving

Album Reviews

There is only one of these so far. I may write more depending on how compelled I am by the quality of the music.

Shores of Null - Quiescence

Bullshit Words

This is my series of mis-used, abused, and fallacious words and phrases, typically propagated by mass media and internet circles. The list is always growing, so this series will likely grow over time.

Part 1
Part 2

Other Creative Pieces

Happy Birthday Matt Wellman - Created for my friend on the event of his 30th birthday.
Prometheus Weeps - an allegory for time in which ignorance is propagated as virtue.
A Visual Guide to Genetically Modified Dogs - Challenges the ideas of the anti-GMO movement, whose terminology and standpoint is illogical and self-contradictory.
The Grand Magicians and False Prophets - A lament for the nature of politics.
The Heartbeat of the Emperor - A reflection on the unceasing nature of war which is summoned by the oligarchy.

Other Articles

These have no connection to each other, or to anything else, really. These are non-fiction articles that don't fit nicely into that category due to tone.

Why is the Sound So Bad at This Concert? - A veteran's insight into live sound.
Why we all have high hopes for net neutrality - A breakdown of why it is unwise to count on government regulation to fix small problems in the market.

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