This blog originally was intended to focus on my fiction endeavors, as a place for the work that wasn't contained in my books and screenplays, but almost immediately I started writing non-fiction for it. The topics cross pretty big bounds and some of my favorite pieces ended up being in this category. I've done my best to organize some of these below, should they need it.

Everyday Skeptic

The purpose of this series of articles, along with the accompanying videos, is to provide tools and perspectives to a very wide audience to assist in judging the merits of claims made through various media sources. This goals is especially important in the modern world, where social media and the unfiltered nature of the internet allows for voices of fraud, deception, and greed to be heard among, or even triumph over, rational and truthful information. Because we use information to make life decisions, it is critical that we all have an ability to be skeptical of claims.

Part 2: What is Truth?
Part 3: Credible Evidence

Political and Philosophical Articles

Discrimination - Using a recent court case involving gay discrimination as a leaping off point, I explore the moral and practical problems of combating bigotry with the use of force, just what economic freedom means, and explain how social consequences can be a non-violent way of promoting tolerance and acceptance. The concept of thoughtcrime is also explored.
Anecdotes - This article deals with particular call for stories about how "Obamacare" negatively impacted them. I attempt to break down the fallacy of the anecdote used as evidence, a frequently used device of the American Left.
Monetary Theory - I really like this article and wish more people would read it. It would certainly change the political opinions of many people if they understood their currency problems.
Future Crime - One of my absolute favorite articles to write, I talk about the philosophical problems that come with ascribing morality to conditions. If I could pick one non-fiction piece to keep, it would be this one.
Minimum Wage - This article focuses on the practical and moral arguments surrounding minimum wage laws, and is partly a response to the Daily Show's hypocritical, cruel, and shockingly deceptive editing of an interview with Peter Schiff. The violence that comes along with minimum wage is explained as well.

Personal Reflections:

"I'll Never be Good Enough" and Other Lies You Tell Yourself - a short reflection on the self-defeating attitude I often witness with my students, viewers, etc. 
Teachers Make a DIFFERENCE! What about YOU? Huh? - A reflection of the often encountered ego in the teaching profession, which makes me somewhat ashamed of the profession I have endured for the past decade. My most popular article thus far.
Your Friends are Not Your Audience - Many artists have a bad expectation that their friends and family will also be their most fervent fans, or will be even interested in your art. I discuss why this is a bad expectation to place on others.

Early/Short/Random Articles:

The Value of an Education - actually one of my favorites because of its brevity; in short, most degrees don't have market value.
RETARD - A little bit of a defense against the insult, I should have just talked about thoughtcrime.
Political Philosophy 1 and Political Philosophy 2 - These will likely never be finished as my perception about politics and philosophy has changed tremendously. These are part informative and part declarative of a libertarian position.
Bullying - I should have cited more, but essentially I was trying to say that the problem of bullies is a bit overstated.
Getting over a Bad Break-up - Mostly written to help a friend, it failed totally in its goal, unfortunately.
School Curriculum - A short article expounding that families should get the education they want, rather than what others think they ought  to want.
Inequality in America - a response to a deceptive youtube video that gained popularity in January of 2014, I explain how the terminology and reasoning of the video are irrational and false.

This list will be updated periodically. More articles whose tone does not fit with these can be found on the creative non-fiction page.

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