Here is a brief list of the fiction that has been posted on this blog, with (hopefully) some easy navigation. This page will be updated less frequently than the blog posts themselves, so some lists may be incomplete.

Muramasa: Blood Drinker

Set in fictionalized Muromachi period Japan, this novel (my third, overall) I am releasing in twice-per-week chunks. Because if it's great size in relation to the other works on this page, it has been given its own section which also serves as a virtual book jacket and table of contents while the work is being developed. You may find it by clicking above or here.

From Moonsong

The following are mostly derived from the fictional universe found in my books.

Prelude: Power - The opening prologue of my first volume, featuring two of the villains from the series.

Three Suitors, Three Tasks

A fairy tale extracted from my second novel, it follows a classic three-part fairy tale format and teaches a series of moral and pragmatic lessons. Appropriate for middle grades up. It was released as a single post of 12,000 words, with a casual pen illustration to follow. E-book versions are available upon request.

Three Suitors, Three Tasks

Illustration: Garamesh and the Farmer

Tyrant's Gallow

A short tale from my first book (beta version) that gives some back story to a location in my universe.

Tyrant's Gallow

The Microscope

Currently unfinished as a published work, it is a story set in my unique fictional world and exposes the nature of the "tech trade" within it. I'll probably pick it up and finish it sometime in the near future. Until then, it remains a short introduction to my world and little more.

Part 1

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Deep Time

Created with friend and creative partner Matt Wellman, Deep Time is an intellectual property that focuses on space travel with the consequences of relativity being a central and enduring theme in the nature of planetary exploration, personal relationships, and philosophy. Currently, an introduction by myself and a short piece by Matt exist in narrative form, with possible explorations coming about in larger formats in the future.


By Matt Wellman:

Burdens of the Patriarch

Unrelated Pieces

These are pieces that are either one-offs or don't have to do with anything else.

Stu's Bro Has an Amazing Idea - If you have ever been a writer, this one should make sense to you.

Poetry and non-traditional narrative:


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